About The Film

Catch is a horror short based on the trust we place in online dating and the people we meet. It follows Jessica a girl who has  recently joined an online dating site in hopes of meeting MR. Right. Just when she thinks she does she finds out her night is going to be taking a serious turn. 

The fear of the unknown not only compels us to try new things, but is also one of humanities biggest fears. When there is  a knock at the door do you open it or peek out the window first, maybe even shout who's there from a distance. It is hardwired into our DNA to be suspicious of our surroundings and of people. However, with the advent of social media our guards have lowered, our peek out the window is as simple as checking a profile page, and if we don’t like who we see we can swipe left. 

Though what happens when you see someone you like and you take the first step and swipe right. Have you started the dialog for your next date and potential future relationship, or have you begun the cycle of events that will lead to your last breath. Will you meet your knight in shining armor, or your neighborhood psycho in the shadows.

Daryl Carter is the owner and founder of Nvision Studios LLC, a photography and video service company based in Long Island New York. He is a talented writer and director that has worked on several projects with multiple production teams from stage to screen. Talent and dedication to the arts is something he brings to every project, along with creativity and bold new ideas. Currently he has an Associates in Business, Bachelors in Film and is certified in Marketing.  

Nvision Studios has been active since 2010 and has grown year by year into what it has become today. Which is the place for young talent to get their start, be it acting, dancing, modeling or being a member of the crew, and with no plans on stopping anytime soon Daryl looks to make Nvision Studios a household name and the talent associated with it as well. 

The Nvision Studios Team

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